Beneficial Activities Offered In Punchbowl Childcare Centres

 There are plenty of beneficial activities that children can enjoy in Punchbowl childcare centres. Many of these activities have been proven to help in the overall development of your child. 

Cognitive and language development, physical growth, social and communication skills are among the benefits these activities offer.

Children tend to embrace activities best when they are among their peers. At home, they may not fully warm up to the same activities. That aside, apart from TV, video games, and a little family time, your child lacks adequate activities to keep them learning at home.

This gives you a reason to enrol them in a childcare centre. A childcare provider will in fact give your child that much-needed attention and help with their growth and development as well.

Top childcare centres even go the extra mile, ensuring your child is exposed to as many as activities and programs as possible. Of course, this is done considering their age and interests, among other factors. 

Below, we let you in on these beneficial activities and show you how they are able to contribute to the growth and development of your child.


Children learn by imitating whatever they see. It is a typical case of monkey see monkey do. They tend to imitate whatever they see the adults in the room do. Some will even copy what TV characters do. 

While this may come across as amusing, role-playing is very key in child development. First, a child is only able to understand real-life situations by experiencing them. They will learn how it feels to be an adult when they copy you. 

Role-playing also helps exercise a child’s imagination as they try to fit into your shoes. At Punchbowl childcare, children are encouraged to role-play. It is both fun and contributes to character-shaping.

Story-Telling And Communication Skills

At Punchbowl childcare centres, story-telling is a key component of learning. Children love good stories. As they listen to these stories, they get to learn about important communication skills such as listening and turn-taking. 

They will also attempt to tell stories, something that boosts their imagination and creativity. This also helps sharpen their narration skills. 

Reading out loud also helps children with the pronunciation of words. Through story-telling and listening, children get to learn about other cultures as well. They also appreciate other people, behaviour and other relevant aspects.

Drawing And Painting

Most successful artists began their practice at an early age. They are so passionate about what they do. Punchbowl childcare centres recognise these facts, which is why they take the art of drawing and painting very seriously.

Exposing children to drawing and painting at an early stage expands their creativity and imagination. It gives them a chance to explore and experiment with different colours and shapes. 

This art also plays a huge role in expanding a child’s motor skills. By attempting to transfer an image on paper, your child has to practice dexterity. This in turn boosts both their fine and gross motor skills.

Water And Sand Play

For children, dirt is good. While parents may cringe at the thought of letting their children get their hands and clothes dirty, it is very crucial. 

Most Punchbowl childcare providers have enough outdoor space for playing. They allow children to play water and sand games either as individuals or in teams. This is very beneficial to children, especially at the exploration stage. 

Not only does the activity develop your child’s creativity but also build their social and communication skills. 


Still, these are not the only beneficial activities offered by Punchbowl child care providers. Expect more, especially when you enrol your child in the best childcare centre. 

As a parent, it is advisable that you visit the facility and familiarise yourself with all the activities offered. Get to understand the logic behind each of them. Also, get to understand how each of them is beneficial to your child. 

Have in mind that kids are different. You may be doing zero work if you push your child to an activity they dislike. Instead, find out their interests and work with their caregiver to find the best activities for them.


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